Executive Board

Role of the Executive Board:

The EB takes care of the day-to-day management of the platform.

Members of the EB:

  • R. Nomen (IQS): Focus on the involvement of SMEs and implementation of the research results
  • J.J. Larrañeta (Tecnalia): Link with National TPIS
  • V. Cozzani (CONPRICI): Support for scientific coordination and answers to societal challenges
  • A. Jovanovic (R-Tech, EU-VRi): Scientific Coordination and link with other ETPs
  • J. Meulenbrugge (TNO): Financial issues and attractiveness for industry
  • O. Salvi (INERIS): Secretary General
If you need to contact a member of the Executive Board, please use: info@industrialsafety-tp.org