Campaign on Safe Maintenance (2010-2011)


ETPIS supports the campaign as an official partner

It is estimated that 10-15% of fatal accidents at work, and 15-20% of all accidents, are connected with maintenance.


Why a campaign about safe maintenance?

The new campaign by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, known as EU-OSHA raises awareness among EU employers of the importance of maintenance for safe and healthy workplaces and the need to protect workers who perform it.

Maintenance is a very common activity. It affects every workplace, in every industry sector, and it concerns everyone at every level. Moreover, maintenance is critical to ensure continuous productivity, to produce products of high quality and to keep company’s competitiveness. But it also has an impact on occupational safety and health. Firstly, good maintenance is essential to keep machines and work environment safe and reliable. Regular maintenance has an important role in eliminating workplace hazards and providing safer and healthier working conditions. Secondly, maintenance itself is a high-risk activity and it has to be performed in a safe way, with appropriate protection of maintenance workers and other people present in the workplace.

What are the maintenance-specific risks?

Because maintenance is carried out in all sectors and workplaces and involves a wide range of tasks, maintenance workers might be exposed to a great variety of hazards.

  • Physical hazards, such as noise, vibration, or excessive heat and cold
  • Ergonomics-related hazards - due to poor design of machinery, process and work environment from the point of view of maintenance it is often difficult to reach the objects to be maintained
  • Chemical hazards, e.g. asbestos in building maintenance, or during the maintenance of industrial installations where hazardous chemicals present
  • Biological hazards, e.g. during maintenance in places where bacteria, moulds, and fungi are likely to proliferate, such as air-conditioning systems
  • Psychosocial risk factors, such as time pressure, irregular working hours
  • High risk of all types of accidents crushing by moving machinery, falls from height

Objectives of the campaign:

A wide variety of Campaign materials are available on the Campaign website, in 22 EU languages. These materials include the official Campaign Guide, posters and leaflets, reports and fact sheets, examples of good practice, animations featuring the popular cartoon character Napo and a variety of other Campaign promotion material. On the corporate Agency website, there is a section dedicated to maintenance, providing e.g. access to risk assessment tools for maintenance.

Why ETPIS has become an official EU Campaign Partner:

The partnership offered by EU-OSHA to ETPIS provides an opportunity to benefit from an extensive range of promotion in the OSH community, in the European area and in the media through the high visibility of the Healthy Workplaces Campaign.

Concerning the European Technology Platform Industrial Safety (ETPIS) promoting and performing research can make the industry safer.

In being an EU Campaign partner for the HCW, ETPIS will work with the EU-OSHA on the same target which is finding solutions in order to reduce accidents and eradicate their negative effect on people, the environment and the economy.

More precisely, ageing and maintenance are key issues identified as priority by the High Level Group of ETPIS: the questions address the life extension of industrial facilities or infrastructures, the monitoring of aged installation and the adaptation of the maintenance using risk-based approaches…

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