The red line of this event is the identification of synergies between ETPIS and other Technology Platform or European initiatives,  to address the Grand Challenges as identified by the European Commission and dealt with in the EU2020 Strategy (see

The events were:

. 18 May afternoon: 5th meeting of the National Technology Platform on Industrial Safety (link)
This event was the occasion to undertake activities to enhance the cooperation between the NTPIS.

. 19 May: 5th General Assembly of ETPIS Members with a focus on the collaboration with other ETPs and initiatives to address the EU Grand Challenges as identified in the Stategy 2020 adopted on March 3, 2010.
In the morning, you have learnt about the activities of ETPIS partner organisations in the field of industrial safety and seen where you could support or collaborate.
Then, after the presentation of the HLG priorities summarising the vision of the industry regarding industrial safety, 2 representatives of other ETPs introduced their vision to address the European Grand Challenges and describe where industrial safety plays an important role.
Later in the afternoon, EU projects initiated or linked to ETPIS presented by their leadership.
Finally, the Executive Board reported about the activities in 2009 and present the plans for 2010.

. 20 May: Brokerage event to identify projects and initiatives among ETPIS members (link)
This event was the occasion to present a project idea and collect interest, or to join initiatives and consortia in development.